Please call, email or text me if you have any questions about my process or how I can help.

CONSULTATIONS begin with a health history intake form which you would fill out (in your own time) to provide me with a thorough picture of the history and current condition of your animal.  After I review the health history, I may follow-up with a phone call to clarify or fill-in any additional information I may find helpful.

The full consultation will be provided through email with clear recommendations and a thorough explanation of each area of concern for your animal.  In written form, you can use this consultation as a resource that can be referred back to during your animal's healing process and if future ailments arise.

Follow-up questions and clarifications are provided at no additional charge; I don't want you to hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns throughout the process.  I will check in with you once a week for the first couple of weeks and then again around a month to see if there is additional guidance I can offer.

Rate: $120

Complementary Services can be provided in-person in the Asheville, NC area to enhance the healing process and mitigate uncomfortable symptoms.

In-Person services are held at the animal’s usual place of habitation unless other arrangements need to be made.  (Familiar surroundings are more conducive to healing because the animal can relax more quickly and focus on receiving instead of the stimulation of a new environment.)

Rate: $60/session ($50/distance healing session)

*Healing should be accessible to everyone.  If experiencing financial difficulty, ask about sliding scale rates.

Call, text, email or message to learn how you can improve your animal’s health.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Tula and Benny; My Faithful Companions
Tula and Benny; My Faithful Companions