Rei (conscious guided) Ki (life force)

Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing in which the practitioner is able to use their body as an antenna to channel beneficial energy  to and through the body of the client to increase energy flow as well as break up any energy blockages that may be hindering the client’s ability to efficiently heal itself.

Reiki Has Many Benefits:

  • Increase Circulation – Having an increase in blood flow and circulation to areas of your body helps promote cell growth and organ function.  Healthier skin is better able to fight off bacteria and infection that it may come in contact with. When your heart pumps at full force, your heart rate lowers, heart muscles relax and your blood pressure flows evenly and smoothly. Good circulation also improves brain function and helps to manage stressful situations.
  • Improve Immune System Function – Lowering blood pressure increases relaxation and strengthening vital energy allows the immune system to function optimally.
  • Pain Relief – The pleasure and relaxation experienced from reiki releases endorphins which relieves pain and improves mood. This often improves appetite, fluid uptake and sleep patterns of ailing animals.
  • Speed Healing

Because each session treats the entire body, the benefits listed above can improve many conditions to support health, wellbeing, and the healing process.

 Conditions Reiki Can Benefit:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Pain
  • Injury
  • Organ Function
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Health Maintenance
  • End of Life Transition


Reiki can be performed hands on or off and even at a distance.  This makes reiki ideal for animals who may not be comfortable with strangers in their personal space or who are fearful or anxious.  Physically, reiki practitioners can appear very passive; sitting quietly with their hands toward the animal while they peacefully absorb the healing energy.  Hand positions can be alternated to target specific areas of the body.  Reiki can not bring harm to your animal and will not negatively interfere with any pre-existing medications or treatments.  This makes it an ideal complimentary therapy.