Man and Animal have Evolved Together

“Acceptable Behavior” should be determined by the animal’s owner.  I relate to animals in a natural way to subtlely improve their behavior to achieve owner’s expectations and create a more harmonious relationship.

Animal Communication

Dogs are loyal and if you’ve ever had one  you know they aim to please.  The biggest obstacle to animal’s behavior is a lack of understanding of what we want from them.

Positive is always stronger than negative (when it comes to reinforcement).

Body language and relating to an animal in a way that clearly communicates our objective is often the key to improving our animal’s behavior.

Consistency is key.

Animals are smart, but they shouldn’t be the ones trying to figure us out.  They will quickly pick up what we’re putting down as long as we’re clear and consistent.

A tired dog is a good dog.

Often a lack of exercise and/or stimulation causes animals to act out or make their own entertainment which means bad news for owners.  Attention, exercise and enrichment is just as important to an animal’s physical and mental health.

Sometimes what seems like a behavioral issue is caused by a health issue.  It’s important to know the difference beforehand.