Crystal Therapy

Crystals are stones with highly organized molecular structures that are able to hold specific energy frequencies according to their color and form.  The frequency that the crystal emits is able to interact with your animal’s energy field and transform less desirable frequencies into frequencies that are in resonance with the crystal.  As discussed on the “Services” page, dis-ease starts with an energetic imbalance in our biofield.

Crystals can be used during a reiki session to amplify the energy being provided or to target the specific frequency that’s ailing your animal.  Crystals can also be placed on the chakras (energy meridians) of the client in corresponding colors to help balance the chakras.

It is also beneficial to have various stones around your home and work environment or worn on your body to receive the healing properties of crystals.

To get a better grasp of the power of crystals, watch this short video by Spirit Science.